Our journey into progressive Indian cuisine…

Traditional Indian cuisine dates back over 5000 years and has been one of the most celebrated cuisines ever. It continues to grow in popularity by every single generation. The current understanding of Indian cuisine involves two counterparts; curry and tradition - we believe that we need to break this traditional stereotype by focusing on reinventing Indian food with a whimsical array of textures and flavours.


At Tantra, we want to change people’s perceptions of Indian cuisine. Our food will provide a multisensory experience involving, appearance, texture, flavours, aroma, all of equal importance. We aim to take traditional Indian cuisine into another dimension - by taking inspirations from renowned international cuisines and using modern techniques such as molecular gastronomy, deconstruction of dishes. We ensure that the soul of the food we serve will be authentic Indian in flavour - but the execution and presentation will be mystical and magical in every aspect, just like the name ‘Tantra’. It is the first time the UK has seen such a unique and creative dining experience from Indian Cuisine.

You might be wondering, why Edinburgh? We strongly believe that Edinburgh - being one of the most beautiful and mystical cities across the globe - has a distinctive connection to our new concept. Like Edinburgh and its people - we strive to maintain the city's historical DNA by adopting cultural elements within our food from other parts of the world. No other city in the UK would be ideal for us to start our first restaurant. Inspiration for our creativity in food crafting is endless here!

To conclude, Tantra is inevitably going to shake up Indian cuisine like never before. We will show people a whole new dimension to what Indian cuisine entails and change everyone's perception completely. All you need to do is choose the moment -we will make the bliss... join the Tantra moment.